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LEGOLAND® Water Park | Gardaland's Lego-Themed Wonder

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What is LEGOLAND® Water Park?

Legoland Water Park offers a complete thematic experience for youngsters, featuring more than 20 water slides, pools, and interactive water attractions, all creatively constructed with LEGO bricks. The park boasts exciting water rides, such as the winding Legoland River Adventure, the thrilling Jungle Splash, and the Dragon Slide, among others. However, for the safety of young guests, people above the age of 18 (unless they are accompanying a child below the age of 14) are not allowed inside the park.

LEGOLAND® Water Park Quick Facts

  • Official name: Gardaland LEGOLAND Water Park
  • Address: Via Derna, 4, 37014 Castelnuovo del Garda VR, Italy
  • Year of opening: 2021
  • Timings: 10 AM onwards. Closing times vary according to the time of year.
  • Number of visitors per year: 3 million
  • Function: Water park

Why Visit LEGOLAND® Water Park?

What's Inside LEGOLAND® Water Park?

LEGOLAND Water Park is home to 8 themed sub-attractions featuring different rides and experiences. Fun LEGO models, colourful vegetation and a giant octopus will welcome you at the gate after which you can start your fun adventure. Don’t forget to get a picture clicked as a souvenir to remember and cherish forever!


Over 4 million Lego bricks have been used to create replicas of the most famous monuments of Italy like the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa and more.

LEGO River Adventure

Customize your raft by adding vibrant floating LEGO bricks, and allow the gentle river current to carry you along. En route, appreciate the beauty of exquisite Miniland landmarks.

Beach Party

Experience Beach Party with multi-level play areas and a variety of colorful slides. Beware of water cannons and watch for towering structures that release buckets of water from above!

DUPLO Splash

For the youngest water enthusiasts, DUPLO Splash is the ideal spot! Explore aquatic creatures from jungles to polar regions in this area.

Jungle Adventures

Embrace family fun with jungle slides, offering a thrilling descent. Go solo or with a raft, in daylight or darkness; the goal is to reach the bottom first.

Jungle Oasis

Encounter jungle animals recreated with LEGO models, have a playful time at the crocodile pond with friends, and capture memorable photos. Cooling off has never been this enjoyable!

Pirate Bay

Here, a gradual slope leads to the pool, where you can engage in pirate-themed water battles against LEGO characters and conquer the impressive fortress.

LEGO Creation Island

Explore an island of imagination, where interactive and educational activities await. Construct your LEGO boat, compete with friends to become the ultimate captain, decorate a grand sandcastle and more.

How To Buy LEGOLAND® Water Park Tickets

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Accessibility at LEGOLAND® Water Park

Gardaland takes its commitment to foster an inclusive environment seriously. To this end, people with disabilities are encouraged to visit the "Welcome Office" at the park entrance and avail the necessary support. While inside LEGOLAND®, guests with disabilities are encouraged to read the safety instructions and reach out to lifeguards in case of any query.

Frequently Asked Questions About LEGOLAND® Water Park At Gardaland

What is LEGOLAND® Water Park, Gardaland?

LEGOLAND Water Park is a water park built entirely using millions of lego bricks. It features themed areas that include different kinds of thrilling rides, water slides, and other engaging attractions designed for families with children.

What kind of audience is LEGOLAND® Water Park meant for?

LEGOLAND® Water Park is designed for families with young children. Kids below the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Teens between the ages of 14 and 17 can enter the park unattended. For safety reasons, individuals who are 18+ are not permitted inside the park, unless they are accompanying their minor dependents.

Where can I buy LEGOLAND® Water Park tickets?

You can buy LEGOLAND® Water Park tickets online or directly from the Gardaland Theme Park. It is recommended that you purchase your tickets online to avoid standing in long queues and sell-outs.

Can I visit LEGOLAND® Water Park with Gardaland tickets?

To enter LEGOLAND® Water Park, you need to buy a combo ticket for both Gardaland Park and LEGOLAND® Water Park. If you already have a park ticket, you can add LEGOLAND® Water Park access by paying an extra fee at the ticket counters or inside Gardaland Park.

What’s inside LEGOLAND® Water Park, Gardaland?

LEGOLAND Water Park is home to 8 themed areas featuring different fun and thrilling rides, water slides, splash area, a beach party, and other experiences that will keep you and your kids entertained throughout the day. 

What can I do at LEGOLAND® Water Park?

You can visit the different themed areas like Miniland, Beach Party, DUPLO Splash, Jungle Oasis, Jungle Adventures, LEGO River Adventure, Pirate Bay, and LEGO Creation Island located within the park. Enjoy fun rides, slides, replicas of Italy’s famous monuments, and pirate-themed water battles. Create your own raft and engage in interactive and educational activities using legos.

What are the timings of LEGOLAND® Water Park?

The timings of the water park can vary. It is usually open from 10 AM to 6 PM (April to June) and 10 AM to 11 PM (July to September). It remains closed from October to March.

Where is LEGOLAND® Water Park located?

LEGOLAND Water Park is located within the Gardaland Resort and can only be accessed via the main theme park.

Is LEGOLAND® Water Park wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Most areas in LEGOLAND® Water Park are wheelchair accessible.

Are pets allowed inside LEGOLAND® Water Park?

Pets are not allowed inside the water park.

Is photography allowed at LEGOLAND® Water Park?

Yes. Photography is allowed at LEGOLAND® Water Park.

Is there a dress code for visiting LEGOLAND® Water Park?

Entering eating areas or shows either topless/in a swimsuit is not permitted as it's important to be respectful, especially around minors. You can wear wetsuits, rash guards, and burkinis. Use only special slide sandals by the pool, not shoes. Clothing and footwear are mandatory while visiting restaurants.

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