Gardaland | Italy's Largest Theme Park

Gardaland Park, located in Verona, is a renowned theme park with thrilling rides and entertainment options. It has rides like the adrenaline-pumping 'Oblivion - The Black Hole' coaster, the enchanting 'Fantasy Kingdom' for kids, and the immersive...

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Did you know?

The founder of Gardaland was inspired to create the original idea for the theme park after visiting Disneyland in California.

Did you know? Gardaland Park's Shaman (formerly known as the Magic Mountain roller coaster) was the first to feature virtual reality headsets in Europe.

At Miniland inside Legoland Water Park at Gardaland, view iconic Italian ladndmarks like the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa and more built entirely out of lego blocks.

How to buy Gardaland tickets?

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What to do at Gardaland?

Explore themed areas

Themes are the essence of Gardaland. The entire park is renowned for its themed attractions, offering magic villages, colorful castles, portals, and arches. You can visit the Fantasy Kingdom to see giant mushrooms or take a trip through time in the Adventure Land. You can embark on a journey down the Colorado River on a boat and dine at themed food kiosks like Aladino. Even their hotels feature themed rooms, allowing you to be a princess for a day. Gardaland's rides are categorized into Fantasy, Adventure, and Adrenaline experiences.

Ride roller coasters

Visit Peppa Pig Land

Join Peppa and her friends for adventures in Gardaland's fantastic fully-themed area. Embark on a thrilling pirate ship voyage, soar through the clouds in colorful hot air balloons, and hop aboard Grandpa Pig's train journey.

Meet your favorite characters

Meet and greet your favorite characters

At Gardaland, you can also meet and take photos with some of your favorite characters from cartoons and movies. From Peppa Pig to Peter Pan, there's something for everyone. Keep an eye out for scheduled character meet and greet times and locations.

SEA LIFE Aquarium
LEGOLAND® Water Park
Watch Shows
Participate in seasonal events

Participate in seasonal events

Gardaland hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, offering visitors unique experiences beyond its regular attractions. From the enchanting "Gardaland Magic Halloween" to the festive "Gardaland Magic Winter," each event transforms the park, providing themed entertainment that makes the most of topical festive seasons.

Shop for souvenirs
Enjoy a scrumptious meal

Grab a bite

Gardaland has a variety of dining options to suit all tastes, preferences, and budgets. There are restaurants, cafes, and food kiosks located throughout the park, such as Pizzeria Saloon, Hacienda Miguel, Merlin Stube, Fast Food Blue Tornado and more.

Relax in designated themed areas

Gardaland's T-Relax Park offers the perfect retreat for those seeking a break after an exhilarating ride or just wanting to escape the sun's heat. With tables resembling off-road vehicles and enormous dinosaur photographs, T-Relax provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Frequently asked questions about Gardaland

What sets Gardaland apart from other amusement parks, and what can I expect from a visit?

Gardaland sets itself apart with meticulously themed areas, a wide variety of rides suitable for all ages, captivating live shows, and attention to detail. Visitors can expect a thrilling and immersive experience, exploring themed realms like the Far West Valley and the Magic Kingdom, enjoying adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, family-friendly attractions, and spectacular entertainment throughout the park.

Are there height restrictions for the rides?

Yes, many rides have height restrictions, and young children will need to be accompanied by an adult. Height restrictions are displayed at the entrance to the ride, and Gardaland's staff is always available to help out with any concerns.

What can I do at Gardaland?

At Gardaland, you can enjoy an array of experiences, including thrilling roller coasters, captivating shows, themed areas like Fantasy Kingdom and Adventure Land. You can also visit sub-attractions within Gardaland like SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND® Water Park.

How can I get tickets to Gardaland?

You can easily purchase tickets to Gardaland online or at the park's entrance. Online tickets often come with discounts and the convenience of skipping ticket lines, making your visit smoother and more enjoyable.

How much are Gardaland tickets?

The starting fee for entering Gardaland is €39.5, though prices vary with combo tickets, add ons, etc.

What time does the car park open?

It opens an hour before Gardaland Park opens. The cost of parking is €6.00 per day for cars and campervans. Parking is free for motorcycles and buses.

How can I get to Gardaland?

If you're traveling from nearby cities like Verona or Milan, you can arrive at the Peschiera del Garda railway station. From there, Gardaland is just 2 km away, and a free shuttle bus service operates between the station and the park every 30 minutes. If you prefer driving, you can easily reach Gardaland by taking the A4 motorway and exiting at Sommacampagna or Peschiera del Garda. Alternatively, you can take the 164 bus to Gardaland.

What is the best time to visit Gardaland?

The best time to visit Gardaland is typically during the weekdays in the spring and fall seasons. These periods offer several advantages, including fewer crowds and pleasant weather. Plan your visit to arrive early in the day. Reaching at park opening time (10 AM) is also a great strategy to beat the queues and make the most of your visit. 

Is Gardaland wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Gardaland is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the park's attractions. Many rides and facilities are accessible to guests with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. Gardaland provides designated areas for guests with disabilities to have optimal views of shows, reserved parking spaces, and even permits entry for trained service dogs. However, for safety reasons, visitors with reduced mobility, visual impairments, blindness, or cognitive challenges should be accompanied by another adult during their visit. 

Is photography allowed at Gardaland?

Yes, feel free to capture fun-filled moments from your time at Gardaland. Pro-tip: carry a water-proof case for your phone to protect it from damage.

Is there a dress code for visiting Gardaland?

Dressing comfortably is advised. Carrying a change of clothes, especially if you choose to enter the water rides, is also suggested. However, you are not allowed to access the Park, the attractions, live events and food joints while bare chested or in swimsuit.

What other attractions are near Gardaland?

Nearby attractions include Lake Garda, upon whose shores Gardaland resort has been established. Sigurtà Park, an expansive botanical garden is about 15 km away. The charming city of Verona, known for its Roman architecture and association with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," is 30 km away.

Is Gardaland suitable for young children?

Yes, Gardaland has many attractions suitable for young children, including gentle rides, shows, and play areas. Additionally, the park provides facilities such as baby changing stations and stroller rental to make visiting with young children easier.