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A Close Look at the Parco Sigurtà Attractions

Owned by the Sigurtà family, Parco Sigurtà is the perfect escape for those looking to spend a day surrounded by nature. Here you can explore 150 acres of landscaped gardens, vast green lawns, annual seasonal flowerings of tulips, roses, and more. Read on to find out about all the attractions in the park.

About Parco Sigurtà

parco sigurtà attractions

How to Explore Parco Sigurtà 

Parco Sigurtà is a ticketed attraction, which means that 

The park is open from 6 March to 13 November 2022, and you can enter any time between 9 AM to 7 PM (April - September) and until 6 PM in the months of March, October, and November.

The best way to get your Parco Sigurtà tickets is to buy them online. You will be able to get amazing deals and make advanced bookings. And, it also gives you the chance to avail yourself of discounts and many additional benefits.

Parco Sigurta can be explored on foot, aboard the park train, by cycling, or by renting a golf cart.

Parco Sigurtà Attractions

parco sigurtà attractions

The Avenue of the Roses

A kilometer-long path in the park that is lined with almost 30,000 varieties of roses. They bloom every spring and summer between March and June, making the park every botanist's dream destination.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Maze

Opened in 2011, this labyrinth is made of a hedge of over 1,500 Yew trees over 2m high. It stretches over an area of 2,500 square meters and, at the center of the maze, there is a pagoda with panoramic views.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Panoramic Walk

One of the most picturesque areas of the park, where you can see the wide variety of trees in the garden. From Japanese maples to pines and cypresses, experience their varying shades of green, yellow, and gold.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Great Lawn

Also known as the Great Turf, this large expansive lawn seems to spread as far as the eye can see. The area also has a wooded area, two ponds, both tastefully filled with blooming flowers, and the great oak.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Great Oak

As the name suggests, the Great Oak is one of the oldest and largest trees in the garden. This fine example of an English Oak is almost 400-year-old and stands at over 40m tall, with a 6-meter round trunk.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Surreally Shaped Box Trees

At the foot of the Great Lawn, you will find close to 40,000 box-shaped trees. These trees have been pruned into unusual and bizarre shapes, very unlike those found in traditional Italian gardens.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Water Gardens

There are over 80 ornamental lakes within the park, including the famous water garden. It is known for the reflection of the Scaligero Castle, and during Tulipanomania, features colorful rotating tulip beds.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Hermitage

This building was originally built in 1792 by Marquis Antonio Maffei, and it overlooks the grotto. Outside the building are flowers that bloom in the spring, but offer a range of colors in the off-seasons as well.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Votive Grotto

Originally called Gianna's Grotto, this man-made picturesque cave was made with natural stones and numerous embedded fossils for Marquis Maffei. It was later dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes in 1942.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Castelletto

Built at the end of the 18th century by Marquis Maffei, the building was initially used as an armory. It later became a place for intellectuals to gather and is now used to host press conferences and private meetings.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Romeo and Juliet Horizontal Sundial

One of the oldest ways to tell time, the sundial in Parco Sigurtà was created in 1990. It consists of various geometrical carvings and representations of the sun and was ​ dedicated to Galileo Galilei.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Medicinal Herb Garden

While most flowers, plants, and trees in the park are ornamental, there is an area dedicated to therapeutic and medicinal plants. This herb garden hosts close to 40 healing plants as well as a few statues.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Dog Cemetery

Near the Hermitage is a quiet area that is the final resting place of the faithful pet dogs once belonging to the Sigurtà family. It sits near a pond filled with white lilies as a mark of remembrance.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Bronze Statue of Carlo Sigurtà

Created by sculptor Dante Carpigiani, this bronze statue of Carlo Sigurtà stands almost 3.4m tall. The statue is an almost life-like replica of its subject, all the way down to the Box wood walking stick.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Stone of Eternal Youth

Near the statue of Dr. Sigurtà and surrounded by centuries-old Box plants, is a rock featuring the words of life and hope by the American poet Samuel Ullman and those of Albert Bruce Sabin.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Lover's Bench

The most quintessential symbol of love is the red rose. To honor this, the park dedicated a special corner of its grounds to love in all shapes and sizes, with a bench surrounded by fabulous rustic red roses.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Farm

There is an agricultural area of the park with an educational farm where one can get familiar with all kinds of farmyard animals, including sheep, donkeys, goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

parco sigurtà attractions

The Fallow Deer Valley

There is a special area reserved in a park with a pasture of land where fallow deer live, mate, and eat. You will hear the occasional clash of antlers against each other, in a mating fight to gain the female’s attention.

Additional Information About Parco Sigurtà

Visitor Tips 

  • The park is extremely accessible, as there are various modes of transport to explore. You can go on foot, rent bicycles, ride in golf carts, or hop on the guided park train.
  • The garden hosts various events throughout the year. It gets especially crowded during events such as Children's Day and Halloween. 
  • In case of planned group or educational trips, reservations can be made in advance that would include meals for the group, as well as guided tours of the garden. 
  • Packed lunches can be taken into the park, and you can enjoy it at the restaurant tables, or bring your own blanket to lay on the grass. 
  • Activities such as barbecues, lighting fires, use of folding chairs and tables, etc. are not allowed in the garden. 
  • Pets are not allowed in with the exception of guide dogs, but there is a special arrangement with two nearby kennels
  • There are four free car parks located just outside the Gardens, as well as a point for recharging electric cars.
  • The park is strict about maintaining cleanliness, and littering is forbidden. 
  • Parco Sigurtà also hosts private events such as wedding ceremonies and business events on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parco Sigurtà Attractions

Q. What are the attractions inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. The garden spans 60 hectares and is covered with millions of unique flowers, lakes, ancient trees, many monuments, and restaurants.

Q. Can I take a tour inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. Yes. You can walk around, ride a bicycle, opt to ride on the panoramic train, or rent a golf cart, to explore the park and see its attractions.

Q. How big is Parco Sigurtà?

A. Parco Sigurtà spans an area of 60 hectares (150 acres).

Q. What are some must-see attractions inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. The Maze, Avenue of Roses, and the Great Oak are some of the great sights in the park.

Q. How can you visit Parco Sigurtà attractions?

A. Visitors must buy tickets to enter Parco Sigurtà. Once inside you can explore the park on foot or on personal/rented bicycles. Visitors can also rent golf carts.

Q. Do I need a ticket to go inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. Yes, all visitors are required to purchase a ticket to enter Parco Sigurtà.

Q. Which of the Parco Sigurtà attractions do my tickets cover?

A. All attractions within the park are open to ticket holders. No separate ticket is required.

Q. Is it free to go inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. No, tickets to enter the park start at starting from €8.50 for children, and €15.50 for adults, though discounts are available

Q. Can I take pictures inside Parco Sigurtà?

A. Yes, you can click pictures within the park. However, drone usage and commercial photography must be pre-approved.

Q. Where is Parco Sigurtà located?

A. Parco Sigurtà is located in the village of Valeggio sul Mincio, close to the city of Verona.

Q. What is the most convenient way to reach Parco Sigurtà?

A. Parco Sigurtà is highly accessible by personal or public transport. Car or taxi is the fastest way to reach, however, the public bus is the most economical.

Q. What are the opening hours of Parco Sigurtà?

A. The park is open from 6 March 2022 -13 November 2022. Its opening hours are 9 AM - 7 PM. For March, October, and November, opening hours are 9 AM - 6 PM.

Q. Are there restaurants at Parco Sigurtà?

A. Yes, there are five eateries within Parco Sigurtà, each with different operating seasons.