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Located near Lake Garda and the city of Verona, Parco Sigurtà is one of the most popular parks in Italy. Here you can explore 150 acres of landscaped gardens, vast green lawns, annual seasonal flowerings of tulips, roses and more. The park also hosts a number of exciting events throughout its open season (6 March to 13 November 2022). 

When you visit, make sure you catch one of the many Parco Sigurtà events that are held here on a regular basis. Read on to find out more.

Why You Should Attend an Event at Parco Sigurtà?

parco sigurtà events

Parco Sigurtà Events 2022


parco sigurtà events

Omaggio Alle Donne / Tribute to Women

To kick off the open season at Parco Sigurta, there are two days dedicated to International Women’s Day. Women enter for free to celebrate their day. 

Date: 7 and 8 March

parco sigurtà events

Tulipanomania / Tulipmania

This is the blooming period of more than a million tulips across the park. It is also a photo competition, which you can see following the hashtag #tulipanomania on Instagram.

Date: March - April

parco sigurtà events

Sabato d'Artista / Artist Saturday

On two Saturdays, 30 artists are selected by the park from various applicants and their works will be displayed in the park, and online. 

Date: 12 and 19 March

parco sigurtà events

Caccia Alle Uova di Pasqua / Easter Egg Hunt

The park will host a search for easter eggs hidden in the immense flower beds and gardens of Parco Sigurtà on the day before Easter.

Date: 16 April

parco sigurtà events

Tulipanintrucco & Rosatrucco

Artists from the Italian Body Painting Festival paint the faces of visitors of all ages on select Sunday’s. The themes are tulips or roses based on the season. 

Date: 10 April and 15 May

parco sigurtà events

Buskers Park

Attend a whole day of shows and exhibitions put on by street artists like clowns, aerial dancers, and even tightrope walkers on this Sunday in May. 

Date: 22 May


Natura e Salute / Nature and Health

Throughout the months of June and July, there are sessions dedicated to wellness with yoga, pilates, gymnastics, and more in the evenings. Tickets cost €15.50.

Date: June - July

Il Gioco dell’Oca / Wild Goose Chase

The Cracking Art collective puts up over 100 art installations made from recycled materials, and there is a game to lead visitors in search of these works.

Date: June - September

Pecoratosando / Sheep Shearing

During this event the skilled sheep shearers at the park’s educational farm will remove the fleece of 20 sheep to prepare them for the summer heat.

Date: 5 June

Giornata dei Bambini / Children's Day

The park host a day filled with shows, games, and entertainment for young visitors from 3 to 12. There will be face painting, magic shows, and even a special food truck.

Date: 12 June

Mille Miglia

A car race featuring over four hundred vintage cars that start in Brescia. The roue of the cars pass through Parco Sigurtà and can be viewed by visitors.

Date: 15 June

Corsa di Primavera / Spring Race - Rock Edition

The park’s annual Spring Race, where you can either run or walk through the summer blooms. There are three routes of 2.5 km, 6 km, and 10 km and registration starts from €8.

Date: 26 June

Stelle della Lirica / Stars of the Opera

Organized in collaboration with the Arti e Mestieri Valeggio, famous singers perform popular ariass from operas by Verdi, Puccini, and Donizetti. Tickets cost €13 per person

Date: 22 August

Magico Mondo del Cosplay / Magical World of Cosplay

This event is for fans of comics, cartoons, fantasy, and cosplay. There will be exhibitions of Japanese anime, dancing, and more. Guests in cosplay will have a discounted rate

Date: 3-4 September


Giornata dei Bambini / Children's Day

By popular demand, the park celebrates a second Children's Day in the autumn. There are shows and games for all children, areas dedicated to face painting, and more. 

Date: 9 October

Sabato d'Artista Autunno / Autumn Artist Saturday

There are two more Saturdays in the autumn when the paintings of the park by 35 artists are selected by the park to be displayed in the park, and online. 

Date: 15 and 22 October

Viaggio nel Tempo / Journey Through Time

A special event dedicated to the 1800s, with period carriages, romantic picnics, music, dancing, and other activities. Visitors in nineteenth-century costumes get free entry.

Date: 16 October


A day full of events, surprises, and themed activities set against the autumn-colored Ginkgo trees and Japanese maples. Children under 14 in costume will get free admission. 

Date: 30 October

Corsa di Halloween / Halloween Run

The park’s second annual run in the autumn, when you can enjoy the Halloween-themed sets. There are three routes to choose from, between 2.5 km, 6 km and 10 km

Date: 6 November

How to Attend a Parco Sigurtà Event?

Most of the Parco Sigurtà events are free to experience upon payment of the entrance ticket to the park. For such events, reservations are not required, and access is not limited, but it is recommended to purchase the tickets online in advance. 

However, there are a few events that require a registration fee (such as the Spring Race and Halloween Race). There are also events with limited access (like the Yoga sessions and the Stars of the Opera performances) where you need to purchase tickets to the event in advance.

Celebrating Your Special Events at Parco Sigurtà

From weddings and civil ceremonies, to vow renewals, celebrate your special day at Parco Sigurtà with elegant tents and a banquet on the lawn, and a special ride aboard the park train. 

You could even use the park for business events, as the stunning natural setting will transform any event into something special. With impeccable suppliers and lots of versatile spaces, it will be a choice that is sure to be successful.

For more information, contact Parco Giardino Sigurtà at

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parco Sigurtà Events

Q. Are there any Parco Sigurtà events this year?

A. Yes, there are several entertaining events being held this year at Parco Sigurtà.

Q. How many Parco Sigurtà events are taking place this year?

A. There are around 20 events taking place throughout the year at Parco Sigurtà.

Q. Can I attend the Parco Sigurtà events?

A. Yes, the Parco Sigurtà events are open to all visitors of the park after the purchase of an entrance ticket.

Q. How much does it cost to attend a Parco Sigurtà event?

A. Many of the events are free upon purchasing an entrance ticket to the park (€15.50). For some events, certain individuals can get discounted tickets, while other events require special tickets.

Q. Where can I book tickets to Parco Sigurtà events?

A. You can book tickets to Parco Sigurtà events online here.

Q. Can I buy tickets for the Parco Sigurtà events online?

A. Yes. Tickets to the Parco Sigurtà events can be purchased online.

Q. When is Tulipmania Festival held at Parco Sigurtà?

A. The Tulipmania Festival, where you can see the flowering that with more than a million tulips, is held from 6 March to the end of April.

Q. Which Parco Sigurtà events should I attend?

A. Popular Parco Sigurtà events are Tulipmania, Easter Egg Hunt, Buskers Park, Wild Goose Chase, Mille Miglia, Journey Through Time, and Halloween.

Q. Are there any exhibitions at Parco Sigurtà?

A. Yes, as part of the Wild Goose Chase event, there the Cracking Art collective puts up an exhibition of over 100 art installations made from recycled materials.

Q. Do any of the Parco Sigurtà events include concerts?

A. Yes, the Stars of the Opera event includes a musical concert where famous singers perform popular arias from operas by Verdi, Puccini, and Donizetti.